Memorandum of members of the Czech National Coalition for Digital Jobs

  1. Together, we are working on digital education to be up-to-date, effective and provided every citizen of the Czech Republic with an opportunity to develop their digital skills throughout their life in order to be successful in the labour market and to be able to use digital technologies to satisfy their life needs and to be content with their life. We strive for every citizen to build their career path, while having enough support to gain confidence in adopting their own digital competencies, and to take their career path and their job in synergetic connection with the world of digital technologies. So we take the digital job as a broad term for each productive activity of a person, during which he or she effectively and safely use digital technologies to fulfill required goals and contributes to joint building and improvement of the digital economy of Czech Republic.
  2. We respect the Digital Education Strategy’s priority areas by 2020 and we commit ourselves to help to formulate goals and visions in digital education even beyond the 2020 horizon. We are opened up to the core priorities of this strategy:
    • we are open to the new methods of learning, and open to learning through digital technologies,
    • improving pupils’ competence in data processing and digital technologies
    • development of pupils way of thinking about information
  1. We respect the Digital Education Strategy’s priority areas by 2020 and we commit ourselves to help to formulate goals and visions in digital education even beyond the 2020 horizon. We are opened up to the core priorities of this strategy:
    • Increasing the level of digital literacy of employed, unemployed people and self-employed people, to the level needed for efficient use of digital technologies, to the level necessary for them to be successful in the labour market and to the level needed to increase the competitiveness of the economy.
    • Enhancing the abilities of people at risk of social and digital exclusion by using digital technologies to improve their social status
    • Increasing the ability of families to take advantage of opportunities, and to eliminate the risks associated with the enshrinement of digital technologies to their family, school and leisure time
  1. In connection with the pan-European initiative of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, we are ready, as signatories of this Memorandum, to cooperate across the private, academic and governmental sector on selected sub-objectives that we will jointly formulate. The inspiration for us are these basic European priorities for digital jobs:
    • Special preparation of pupils and students for digital jobs
    • Promotion of pupils and students’ participation in competencies development for the ICT sector, or peculiarly for professions, which utilize ICT sources
    • The educational mobility of pupils, students and adults
    • Promoting cross-border exchange in practical training and internships in the ICT sector
    • Development of mobility supporting programs, that lead to the improved career path for potential digital job seekers
    • Certification and recognition of qualifications
    • Support of digital skills certification systems for ICT professionals
    • ICT skills frameworks development and their promotion
    • Raising awareness of the role of digital technologies in the workplace
    • Organization of awareness-raising campaigns with intention of attracting  young people to connect their digital competencies with their own education and to their future career path
    • To support projects of young people motivated by the real needs of the contracting authorities, which enables them to discover the world of digital technologies
    • Organization of promotional campaigns for children, pupils, students, teachers and adults to promote the significance of digital skills
    • Innovation in education and learning
    • Increase the supply of digitally qualified workforce through structural changes within the education system
    • Promote dialogue between industry and educational training with an aim to support the update of educational content that reflects the world of digital jobs.
  1. We want to support the purpose of DigiKoalice as a platform for spreading positive changes in an approach towards digital technologies, but with an accent on correct application and didactic enshrinement of desired changes.
  2. We are committed to supporting the activities of the forthcoming Alliance Company 4.0, as a coordination platform for agendas associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and to actively develop those activities and measures that will be identified as key to digital workplaces and digital education.
  3. We are committed to cooperate with the Digital Agenda Coordinator of the Czech Republic, who in the Digital Market Development Action Plan, defined the development of the digital skills of the general public as one of its priorities.
  4. We respect the partition and representation of members of the Coordination Group of the Czech National Coalition for Digital Jobs.
  5. We affix our signature under this Memorandum and we are committed to supporting the realization of each related particular partnership activity regarding the digital job activities, digital education, and the position of digital technologies in private and professional lives of citizens of Czech Republic throughout all Coalition members.

Stáhnout (PDF, 421KB)