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Red Monster courses are online tutorials, which are published by Unicorn Publishing. The courses are intended for primary and secondary school students and offer various topics from the subjects that are taught in the school in each year. Most of the courses on offer are based on the Framework Educational Program of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Red Monster tries to explain the material to the children and then thoroughly practice it. Children can easily repeat the subject matter from school and prepare for a test or exam in a fun way. The courses are a great solution for teachers who want to diversify their teaching by projecting the course on an interactive whiteboard or saving time by checking homework.

The Red Monster interactive courses were established in 2017, when the first Czech language course was created. Since then, the offer on the website has grown to 50 published courses in the Czech Republic and another almost 20 courses for Slovak and Ukrainian students. The courses won 2 awards – Remarkable Product 2019 and Microsoft Awards 2020.