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Our mission is to “bridge digital technology (3D printing, 3D modelling and computer graphics) with handmade skills (manufacturing education) as a defense against so called „youth digital dementia“

We are training teacher to utilize 3D printing for lecture and in the lecture.

We are mentoring schools, or Centre of Free-time activity owning 3D printer how to modify 3Dprinting club from “time consuming observation of 3D printed Dragons downloading from internet” to the low-cost, quick and open-minded 3D print Club.

Therefore we create the system, how to “Materialized Dreams”, where kids could draw a cartoon, capture and digitize the picture to the template and print it by 3D printer.
Finally Club members are filling up it with 3D pen to the handmade product – which we named “Litmonkas”.

By this system we can cut the period of 3D printing, all kids are fully engaged into the Creative Process (from the Idea to post-print phase), but the most important term is, that there is not any 3D modeling skills requirement.