Project “The Seinors Communicate”

The Seniors Communicate Project educates elderly people in using new technologies.

Publish: 9.1.2020
Author: Tomáš Hubálek

The project continues the eleven-year tradition of the Seniors Communicate Program, organized throughout the whole Czech Republic under the patronage of the Livia and Václav Klaus Foundation and its partners: the Česká spořitelna Foundation, Česká spořitelna, and the Veolia Foundation. The project is implemented at 7 branches of Česká spořitelna (Praha, Brno, Plzeň, Kladno, Liberec, Ústí nad Labem, Hradec Králové) and some other selected organizations that help seniors.

The project includes:

Education in modern communication technologies, specifically a three-day course focused on learning mobile technologies – with tablets, smart or touch phones, and laptops for 10 participants. The course lasts 12 hours over the 3 days in total. Participants bring their own devices (tablets or smartphones) The main goal is to teach participants the basics, to recommend some applications to them, and to warn them before possible threats.

Individual counseling focused on tablets, smartphones, or laptops, and related services.

Individual counseling takes place during Thursdays,  between 9 am and 5 pm. The target is to help the participants correctly set up their devices, help them to add or to remove different apps, and advise them on internet / mobile banking.

As part of the project, 19 courses and 12 Thursdays with individual counseling should be held. Overall we should be able to help between 600 and 800 seniors.

Teachers and IT specialists for individual counseling are provided by Moudrá Sovička z.s., organization and registration of participants is also provided by the company.

We are very glad that we play an active part in the project and it is great that some of the activities take place at the bank. We have very positive feedback from both, participants and employees.