The Project Enersol

The ENERSOL project is focused on the consumption saving of the energy, use of the alternative energies types, and saving of the propellants. One of his main goals is the education at the area of the alternative energies or the energetic savings.

Publish: 18.12.2018
Author: Adéla Zehringerová

From the initially Czech-Dutch project, the project ENERSOL began in 2004. The project is focused on the consumption saving of the energy, use of the alternative types of energy, and the consumption saving of the propellants.

The realization of the project

 The project ENERSOL, which is mainly targeted at the students of the high schools, is also engaged in other schools across the Czech Republic. The main themes of the project works are renewable sources of energy, energetic consumption saving, and reduction of emissions. On average 75 to 80 high schools attend each year. Most of them are from Prague (15 schools), from the Vysočina region (14 schools), from the region of the Central Bohemia (12 schools), and the South Moravia region (12 schools).

In this project, all the schools can participate, not only the schools with the technical focus. The targeted group of the project is the pupils and their EVVO teachers-coordinators. The main event of the project is regional, nationwide, and international exhibitions. The pupils, with the best ranking from the expert panel, exhibit there. The National Institute for Education, Education Counselling Centre, and Centre for Continuing Education of Teachers (NÚV) also delegate a team of its experts to the expert panel and also participates in the methodology of the whole project.

The Educational Agency Kroměříž processes blueprint of the rules for each year, and submits them to the council of the partners. With that in mind, each year is consulted with the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, to set themes for the current year. The project is each year shielded (sponsored) by the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, the Minister of the Industry and Trade, The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of the Environment, district offices, town council members, or by the leaders of the workgroups responsible for the establishment of the schools. The project is presented at the Bureaus for the education or the environment at both chambers of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

The projects of the students are focused primarily on renewable energy sources, energy-saving, and the reduction of emissions. The themes overrun into digital technologies. There the students were for example focused on the web design and multimedia, the building of the smart houses, and their influence on the environment. They also focus on the design of the structure, and the content of the web pages for the project ENERSOL. In addition, they also work on the automatic cultivation machinery, which is remote controlled and allows a data collection on the cultivated crops.

The project allows pupils and the students alike, to create their own opinion on the current themes, and in addition to express their opinion in front of the public. The project helps to establish a partnership atmosphere, which are targeted groups of the pupils, students of the high schools, and the following education, their teachers, headmasters, and experts from private companies.