The Cybercompetition

For the third year the AFCEA (NGO) organize a “Cybercompetition” in the cyber security for the students. One of the main goals of this non-profit organization is an enlightenment in the cyber space, and the enlightenment among the talented students, and a priority institutions.

Publish: 18.12.2018
Author: Adéla Zehringerová

For the third year, the whole republic competition called “Cybercompetition”, is being held for the students of the high schools. The competition is organized by the Workgroup for the cybersecurity AFCEA (The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association), and their partners. One of the main goals of this non-profit organization is enlightenment in the cyberspace, and the enlightenment among the talented students, and priority institutions with a focus in the cyber sector.

What is this all about?

Cybercompetition is the competition, among the high school students, their knowledge, and skills in the sector of the cybersecurity and the ICT. During the competition, groundwork data are created, which can help high school teachers as a methodological aid for the education of the students in the area of cybersecurity, ICT, and programming. The competition is organized for all the students of the high schools in the Czech Republic that are in the age group of 15 to 20 years. That also includes schools without specific focus and schools with or without a final graduation exam.

For the best participants, a gate is open not only for cooperation with the institutions in the Czech Republic (for example – CTU, or with KYPO Cyber Exercise and Research Platform at Masaryk University at Brno ) but at the EU as well.

The main guarantee of the competition is The National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NCISA). Among the others, guarantees are the national institutions, universities, and NGOs, which have a long term interest in the cybersecurity and cyber defense. The competition is also organized as one of the activities during the month of cybersecurity in the Czech Republic.