National competition of digital literacy and ECDL

The Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics announced a traditional national contest of digital literacy for Czech schools. The objective of the contest was to encourage the digital literacy of pupils and balanced ratings by teachers towards pupils.

Publish: 8.4.2020
Author: DigiKoalice

The Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics (Czech abbreviation ČSKI) as a leading national authority of international ECDL / ICDL together in cooperation with the CertiCon company holds a regular national competition for the most active schools, and the most versatile and enthusiastic teachers.

The criterion for success was not only the total number of ECDL exams realized but also their structure (selected modules). First place was awarded to the school not only due to a high number of exams but also thanks to many exams from the M12 module – Safe use of IT technologies (IT Security), Module M15 – Searching, evaluating and processing information on the internet (Information Literacy) and module M16 – Basic computational thinking and programming (Computing). Awards for schools, teachers, and students (their own choice!) were granted by ČSKI and the CertiCon company.