Methodological Portal For Teachers

Publish: 8.1.2020
Author: Pavel Vachalec

Methodological Portal

Methodological Portal RVP.CZ is aimed at pedagogs of preschool, elementary, grammar, special, language, and art schools and is also available for broad pedagogical public. It brings practical topics into teaching, gives a space for a discussion about current topics in teaching, and it is an innovative and complex environment for sharing the experiences of teachers. It contains more than 20 000 methodological, didactic, and informative posts and daily offers new guaranteed materials and texts for teaching. All posts are free under the license of Creative Commons.

Reviewed contributions enrich teaching

Experience of teachers, tips for interesting methods of work, or inspirational didactic ideas can be found in this module. Posts and reports about the use of modern information and communication technologies are available in this module. You can try out workbooks, presentations, film, and audio samples, that are free to download in module DUM.

Become the author of the Methodological Portal!

Do you create interesting educational materials or articles that you would like to publish? Just insert them after free registration on

Teachers share their experience in the safe environment

Communicate with your friends and colleagues at the level of social networks, present your portfolio, and share your ideas on the web at module Digifolio. Discuss your views on the situation in the school environment, seek and offer advice and help, share your experiences in module Diskuze. Create educational documents together, inspire with topic-shared plans, use sources with the Creative Commons open license from module Wiki

Experts advise through WEBINARS 

Online meetings with experts with the possibility to complete its content by asking a question during the discussion. Education in various fields with stay-at-home comfort. Watch at any time you want in your free time lecturer’s presentation, view recommended videos in the webinar section.

Teachers inspire with virtual hospitations

Each virtual hospitation consists of video recording of real teaching, self-evaluation of the teacher, and evaluation by an expert. Virtual hospitation serves the development of teachers on a professional level, which means that it enables pedagogical reflections and it inspires for mutual hospitation. Pay a visit to the lectures of your colleagues using the virtual hospitation and get inspiration for your practice.

The methodological portal offers materials, that are reviewed and proofread in the so-called guaranteed modules. It also provides teachers with an open environment for professional development and pedagogical use in so-called non-guaranteed modules. Guaranteed modules include Články, DUM, odkazy, Audio Video, E-learning. Non-guaranteed are for example Diskuze, Digifolio, Wiki, Bloky, Galerie. (see above)