Hackation for schools, region Hradec Králové

Publish: 16.2.2020
Author: Pavel Vachalec

About Hackathon

The first year of the Hackathon of the region Hradec Králové was held on the 21 March 2019 under the patronage of Deputy Minister of Ministry of The Interior of the Czech Republic Jaroslav Strouhal and Deputy Governor of the Hradec Králové region. The co-host of the event was Faculty of Informatics and Management of the University of Hradec Králové, the main partner of the Hackathon was UNICORN company and the partner was company DERS. The competition was participated by 13 teams from the 8 secondary schools. Their task was to create a web application, that would use data published on the website of the region. 

In the data warehouse of the region, there is plenty of interesting information about the region. A lot of them are accessible for machine-reading as so-called open data via the website of the region and hackathon competition allows interesting combinations of the data and makes them available for the public use, thanks to the newly created applications.

Winners of the competition’s first year

The team from the Secondary Technical School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in Dobruška coped best with the task. The team created application mediFinder, which allows users to find the general practice doctor or a dentist, using the keywords and other specifications. The user also can create his or her own list of the doctors and dentists and by doing so, have all the necessary information in one place.

As the second-best, the expert committee picked the work of the students of the Higher Education School and Secondary Technical School from Jičín, who focused on the application serving for a fast call for help, named AIZA – Application of Integrated Help. The application shows all the emergency services exit stations and based on the actual location of the caller is able to select the best station and calculate the route to it. Besides that, AIZA contains tables with all necessary information about the exit centers,  that can be easily searched. An additional bonus is an overview of all news in the Hradec Králové region.

The third place went to the young programmers of the Secondary School of Agriculture and Food in Klatovy with their application Emergency, which processes data about medical and dentist emergency rooms in the region. The user can set his location in the application and choose, whether he is looking for a pediatrician or doctor for adults. After he chooses the doctor or the dentist, the phone contact, and opening hours display to the user and the application will offer navigation to the given location.

We believe that this year’s Hackathon was a start to the new tradition in Hradec Králové.