Green Fox Academy – Intensive programming course

Publish: 8.1.2020
Author: Pavel Vachalec

The lack of programmers together with the great potential of the IT market led to the establishment of Green Fox Academy (GFA). What started as one of the most successful Hungary’s startups has gradually transformed into a top-class institution, that brings together people seeking retraining and companies looking for IT experts.

Change in professional life

Thanks to GFA, after a four-month-long programmer’s course, you can change your profession and start a new career in a prospective IT industry. After successfully completing the course, GFA also helps the graduates to find their first job. Over 470 people have already participated in GFA courses and up to 91 % of them are working as junior programmers now

The break-through year 2018

That year, GFA focused on women with its free CodeGirls and Academy4MoMs courses. The focus on the retraining of women who are on maternity leave led to the victory of the prestigious IT BEHAVIOR award for the second time. Along with that, GFA started to expand on the Czech market, which was finalized in September 2018. Now, GFA is preparing more than 160 for their new career