Digital New Deal – analyzes and expert dialogue on digitization for the V4 countries

Publish: 9.1.2020
Author: Josef Dašek, Internetový institut z. s.

The Digital New Deal project runs under the patronage of the Association for International Affairs (AMO). AMO is follow up to the V4 Smooth Functioning of the Internal Market project, which ran between 2014 and 2016. Unlike the previous project, however, The Digital New Deal mainly focuses on digitization and discussion about the forthcoming “age 4.0”.

The concept of age 4.0

The goal of The Digital New Deal project is to initiate a discussion (and to contribute to it at the same time) on the topics of emerging robotization, the use of new technologies, the digitization of state administration, artificial intelligence, the new ways of use of the Internet, etc. Concept 4.0, at the start, was mainly connected with industrial production, however, is far from just that anymore. As the project manager wrote in one of his publications, concept 4.0 is already part of everyday activities, services, or logistics.

Main goal

The main goal of the Digital New Deal project is to contribute to the discussion about the ongoing digital revolution within the V4 states on the professional level. One of the main outcomes of the project will be the publication of the information, gathered from the people involved with digitalization within the V4 states. The publication of that information will, among other things, take into account the specifics of every single country of V4.

The project includes an opening conference in Prague, expert seminars in the V4 countries, a publication, and a presentation of the final outcome.