Day of digital technologies in ZŠ E. Štorcha a MŠ Ostroměř

The goal of this iniciative is to increase awareness among pupils, teachers and general public, on the topic of digital education, which is not only connected with the constant improvements in the digital technologies, but primarly with their meaningful us in education and life

Publish: 8.4.2020
Author: Adéla Zehringerová

In June 2019, the first year of “Digital Technology Day” was held at the primary school of Eduard Štorch and kindergarten Ostroměř, which was also attended by DigiKoalice and a friendly project of the National Institute for Education, Support of Teachers’ Work (PPUČ).

Main goal

This event aims at the constant spread of the awareness of students, teachers, and the general public. The aim is on the topic of education and digitalization. This is not only because of the growth and continuous innovation of digital technologies, but mainly for their practical use, both in education and in everyday life. Also, it relates to the efforts to minimize the negatives and risks and to maximize the positives. The effect should be to have positive impacts on the general public as well and not only on the pupils. Digital Technology Day is an ideal example of good practice where, in addition to the specific work of children using a large scale of educational programs and games, the time has also been devoted to Internet security and cybersecurity in general.

Program for elementary school students

At the event, students of elementary school had the opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of digital technologies in the form of experiential learning. For younger students (1st to 3rd grade), the program included a demonstration of work on MultiBoard in the kindergarten, painting on an interactive whiteboard while being blindfolded and other activities. Students of the 4th – 9th grades visited about 10 different stations over 4 hours, where they could work with a variety of educational tools and programs such as 3D printers, blindfolded programming in the gym, work with beebots, tablets, photos, etc., or discussion on cybersecurity. For all age categories, an introduction to Corinth Classroom was prepared with the opportunity to try out 3D models and work in Corinth workshops.

Press conference

During the event, a press conference was held. The topic was an introduction of digital technologies into the education system at schools in the Hradec Králové Region and the introduction of the Corinth classroom. 

The event was attended by Martina Berdychová, Deputy Governor of the Hradec Králové Region, Tomáš Gabriel, Mayor of Ostroměř, Headmistress of the school Gabriela Pospíšilová and her colleague, Petr Naske as representative of DigiKoalice and PPUČ (A public program to help teachers establish literacy at schools) and other representatives for Corinth and Charles University.

Program for parents, teachers and the general public

 The workshops and stalls were set down for parents of children, all educational staff from the school, but also for the general public at the end of the program. Participants had a chance to try out virtual and expanded reality or to visit any locations that were focused at children during the morning program.