Coding Bootcamp Praha

Coding Bootcamp Praha is a project of the Data4You, whose aim is to grow of a Czech digital society. A vision of the company is an improved ecosystem, which enables expanded parts of the society to benefit from the digital revolution on the filed of overall market competitiveness

Publish: 23.2.2020
Author: Pavel Vachalec

Coding Bootcamp Praha is 12 week-long intensive course focused on web programming. The course is in English, and it is primarily focused on those, who want to change their career and on those who would like to work as web developers. Also, it is suitable for the beginners, who undergo intensive 6-hour long “Pre-Bootcamp Work” before the Coding Bootcamp. It will help them to understand the most necessary basics of the course itself. The study plan includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, PHP, Laravel, and MySQL.

„Learning by doing“

During the course, the focus is placed on the understanding of proven ways of web development, then on the practical work and solution of real-life problems. During the course, the students will learn teamwork and they will work on 7 seven main projects. The course is led by experienced teachers, and it takes place in Prague in small groups of up to 16 students. The success rate of the students of the Coding Bootcamp Praha in finding the job after the course is finished is around 90 %.

Taking advantage of the digital revolution potential

The main goal of the course is to contribute to the Czech digital society by the means of taking advantage of the digital revolution potential for the career growth of the participants. In addition to short-term and long-term courses, that teach the basics of programming, the Coding Bootcamp Praha also tries to create platforms for the participants and potential employers, and also to discover new talents for the world of programming.

The acknowledgment of the program

Data4You Coding Bootcamp Praha has won numerous international awards. During the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge, which is a global initiative organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Coding Bootcamp placed among the top three in the category “Skills Development”. The Coding Bootcamp received another prestigious award, winning the European Commission’s “European Digital Skills Award”, which is awarded to the projects aimed at the development of digital skills.  There were 264 entrants competing for the award from all over the EU and 24 of them were selected to the final by the European Commission. Coding Bootcamp Praha was the only representative from the Czech in the final.