Czechitas New Generation

Some people fall for IT at the adulthood, some when they are children. We organize IT events for boys and girls from 8 to 18 years of age. Our goal is to teach the basics of programming, robotics, and the basics of additional modern technologies.

Publish: 10.2.2020
Author: Lucie Jurystová

Some people fall for IT as an adult, some as a child. We host IT events for girls and boys aged between 8 and 18. We teach basics of programming, robotics and work with other modern technologies.

IT events for girls and boys from 8 to 18 years

We organize clubs, workshops, camps, and other events for girls and boys from 8 to 18 years. We introduce them to the world of information technologies in playful ways, which will help them practice their logical thinking. We want to participate in the teaching of the next generation of IT users and to make them active users, who will, by using technologies, change the world.




Why learn digital skills?

There is no stopping of the continuous development of digital technologies. Computer skills are becoming as important as knowledge of foreign languages. Czechitas The New Generation is here to introduce the world of IT to the young generation in a healthy way and to spark interest in them.

According to the European Commission, Europe will be short of 900 000 IT professionals soon. That is a great opportunity and it is worth it to throw yourself into it. We want a new generation to be able to make the world a better place with the use of technology. That’s why we decided to hold those events not only for women but also for children and younglings. And all while having a lot of fun.

We host a lot of events

We organize events for girls and boys in several cities. You can find the dates and the venues of events on the calendar.

One day workshops

Those events are held during the year mainly in case something important happened in the world of IT. For example, it is a “Girl’s day” in April, EU Code week (October) or Hour of Code (December).

CzechITas weekends

We can’t promise that your child will become the second Ada Lovelace or next Bill Gates over the weekend but at least he or she will find out if IT is the right direction and if he or she wants to devote more to IT. Those weekend events about different IT topics are being held during the whole year.

CzechITas summer camps

Summer suburban camps are organized for children aged between 8-12. Over the length of one week, we will teach the basics of robotics, physics, and programming playfully. We are with children during the day and they return to sleep in their bed at night.

IT Summer School

This summer camp is aimed at high school girls. They will have a chance to try out different areas of IT (programming, web designing, graphic designing, and much more). The goal of this event is inspiring the girls to want to try out IT and if possible, to make them perceive IT as a natural opportunity for their future education.

Club programming with Czechitas

We have great news for those children who want to see us regularly!

During the school year, they can participate in our clubs. With younger children (8-12), we learn programming with the help of programming toys like Strawbies, Legorobots, and Ozobots. Guaranteed entertainment!

Older children (13-16) learn to program in Python.

Home tutorials

Those for who are not our events sufficient enough (or they can not participate) and that are hungry for more IT knowledge, we offer online tutorials, which can children (parents also J) use to learn from home. Materials are added continuously.