Instructions for members of DigiKoalice

How to become a member of DigiKoalice

  1. Complete the Memorandum online signature on the website The membership is reserved for economic entities/organizations.
  2. The representative of the organization signs the Memorandum; unless it is a statutory representative, it is recommended to deliver a written consent with a membership in DigiKoalice from the statutory representative.
  3. Also, the membership can be acquired by signing a paper form of Memorandum (download here).

How to promote your events, conferences

  1. Send the information about the event to e-mail, it will be inserted into our DigiCalendar.
  2. After logging in to admin menu, you can edit your own posts. Once verified by DigiKoalice admin, the update is published on the DigiKoalice blog.
  3. Also, you can add your events to DigiKoalice calendar. After the verification from DigiKoalice admin, they are published in the calendar.

How can I promote my portable digital skills courses

  1. In the pilot mode contact and negotiate the type of events for automatic import into the calendar. It is advisable to send a link to the file in ICS format or to use another form of data transfer.
  2. We offer a possibility to insert event details to the calendar directly on DigiKoalice website. These details are automatically transferred to the event database and displayed on DigiKoalice’s partner sites.

How to promote the examples of best practice

  1. Tell us about your own example or interesting facts on and we will consider the editorial processing of the example and its publishing.
  2. You can insert your own or another example at – after logging in from the DigiKoalice pilot site account.

How to promote your existing activities or Project Intentions

  1. Insert links and suggestions as a new content into the blog on DigiKoalice.
  2. Use the form to promote your activities and to report progress in the project / activity implementation – to the other members
  3. Your projects will appear on the list of member’s projects / activities, and the general public can check on the progress of the realization of the commitment.
  4. Those interested in the pan-European dimension of their activities may become members of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition – and then enter into their commitment to the Europe-wide initiative and follow them among the others

Who can help you in DigiKoalice?