CodeWeek 2017 and 2018 at Grammar School Brno and Elementary School Brno

In the year 2017, our school reached great success at the Europe CodeWeek. A cooperation of our Grammar School Elgartova and primary school Gajdošova was established, and as a result, the education of programming sciences became more attractive for students, and the overall quality of the curriculum improved.

The Grammar School Brno, Elgartova

During the “Let’s code with micro:bits“ session,  the 3rd year students of the grammar school cooperated in pairs or groups of three. They also conducted lessons of programming in lower classes. They introduced the BBC micro:bit computer and instructed others in how to operate it. The students-lecturers learned how to present, prepare the lesson and speak in front of an audience.

Last year’s knowledge sharing brought great results.  That’s why we plan to use the same method of teaching during the Code Week – using not only micro:bits, but also ozobots.

The Elementary School Brno, Gajdošova 3

Some of the grammar school students were so happy about teaching programming that they decided to initiate a coding club at the nearby primary school. During the CodeWeek, they organized and managed two of the inspirational events for 4graders to 9graders: “Introduction to the BBC micro:bit“ and “Introduction to the BBC micro: bit accessories“. In the following weeks, they took turns managing the club.

Concerning this year, we plan to open a club for younger learners, we are going to start a “Coding without computer“ session with BeeBots and BlueBots. And we are going to continue the flight we embarked– we would be happy to introduce Ozobots to the beginners, whilst the accessories would be printed at a 3D printer. With the advanced students, we are going to build some micro:bits-driven robots. And the grammar school students will attend all the events.

Both schools were successful in integrating micro: bit programming into their curriculum. Now, they keep the set course. We also plan to use Ozobots and BeeBots in other subjects.

The education of older students teaching the younger proved beneficial for all participants. That is why we continue in further development. And we are motivated by the positive feedback we are getting from all the children involved.

Barbora Havířová
Gymnázium Brno, Elgartova